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CBG Metal Disintegration and Stud Removal

METAL DISINTEGRATION is our core business. Encompassing a diverse spectrum of metal disintegration services, we provide both on-site and in shop metal disintegration services. We have exceptional expertise in providing metal disintegration to clients with complex disintegration problems due to unique materials, difficult site access, and/or limited time constraints. CBG uses state-of-the-art Metal Disintegrating Machines to provide the customer the quickest, most accurate, and cost efficient method for the removal of broken tools, taps, bolts, studs, pins, center drills, tube expanders, and set screws in large stationery equipment and vehicles. STUD REMOVAL is CBG’s new service and product line. Working with the manufacturer of the STUD-PULLER, CBG offers stud removal service using the STUD-PULLER as well as sales and rental of the STUDPULLER tool for our customers. CBG provides STUD-PULLERS from 3/8 inch to 6 inches.

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